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Why is my money still 'On Hold'?



  • Irxkxndji

    Why is my money still 'On Hold' for 1 week more? there only written in a few days, but mine on hold for 1 week more(solved, already received the money, but don't know why it can be more than 1 week)

  • Arshi

    I’m a one of the top call of duty mobile seller ( My store name is SkyziPlays) on your site why my money still hold for like 1 week ? early days i got my money in like 3-4 days im waiting for my money to receive available tab please fix this asap

    Thank You

  • MSK

    New sellers be informed that typically “a few days” implies 2-5 days, in some cases can lead to a week/or greater 

  • Rindra Catur Gutoo

    What happened zeusx now? Previously it took me 2 days but now 5 days the status is still on-hold

  • MSK

    likely to combat against fraudulent acts on their website 1 week seem to be the norm

  • Make

    The merchant received your payment but the amount received was less than what was requested. Please contact the merchant at with your order code to resolve your payment.

    Support not replying

  • azure

    I’ve waited 1 week and still haven’t received my money. I’m not sure why it’s still not in when its obvious that the buyer confirmed that I delivered their item and hasn’t made a complaint. Please help, I need the money


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